User Guide

Running the Software

In screen that shows the game logo, click on the number "1" to start.

You will then find yourself at the player list screen. Select the name of the player and press “Start”. You can also enter a new player with the “New player” button, or edit the player details with the “Modify” button. After entering or changing player details, click “Enter” before you can continue. To delete a player, click the “Modify” and then the “delete” button.

Players should always use their own account, because the game remembers the progress of each player and adapts to his/her performance level.

Attention: Try not to change the player name. If you must change it, you should also rename that player’s data files, or the game will forget all previous progress of this player. To find the data files, open windows explorer (or Finder in Mac, or terminal in Linux); go to your user’s home directory; and locate the data files in sub-directory NumberRace/v3/Data.

The Game

After starting the game, the child can choose whether to play in the underwater world or jungle world. The two worlds have different graphics, but identical game logic and the level of difficulty. The next screen reads the game instructions to the child. Clicking the seashell or the flowers (at the bottom of the screen) brings you to a screen in which the child can choose a character to play with. As the child advances in the game, new characters are unlocked.

Within the game itself, the child is presented with two numbers and selects one of them. The child's character will advance on the race track at the bottom according to the number selected, and the opponent will advance according to the other number. The child should choose the larger number in order to be the first to reach the end of the track.

If the child reach the end of the track first, he/she collects a reward. After collecting seven rewards, a new game character is unlocked.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Esc – quit game
F8 – pause game
F10 – game menu

Support and Troubleshooting

Please note that the software is provided without user support. We cannot guarantee that the softare works on all system configurations, or that it is free of bugs. If you encounter a bug, use the contact screen to inform us.

If the game won't start
You probably don’t have java installed on your machine. You can check here if you have installed java, or visit the java website to download java.

If the game crashes or freezes
Exit the game by using Ctrl-Alt-Del, selecting “Task Manager”, selecting “NumberRace”, and clicking “End Task”. Then re-start the game.

If the problem persists, check the following:

  • Right click on the “NumberRace” installation folder, select "properties", and check that “Read-only” is NOT selected. If it is, unselect it and click OK. You will be asked if you want to apply this to all sub-folders, answer “yes”.
  • Try restarting your computer.
  • Have you altered any files in the “Data” directory? If so, replace them with a backup, or reinstall the game.